Does My Curly Hair Need Protein?

Does My Curly Hair Need Protein?

Protein is an essential part of your hair care regime, where 91% of your hair is made of a protein known as “keratin”. For those with curly hair, making sure your hair care products are rich in protein is key to replenishing the moisture and nutrients that curly hair loses on a daily basis. 

Protein and effects on curls
Each hair strand is protected by a layer of cells called the “cuticle”. The nature of the structure of curly hair, makes it vulnerable to having this cuticle constantly to lift, causing openings to form. These openings allow nutrients and moisture to escape, weakening the protein chains in the hair. Protein treatments are needed to reconnect these protein chains, strengthening each strand and replenish the moisture and nutrients lost. 

Protein overload
Too much of a good thing can be bad in protein treatments. Overloading your hair with protein, can cause strands to become brittle, prone to breakage and dry, especially if there’s not enough moisture in the hair. Protein treatments should be used once or twice a month followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Balance is key!

Proteins in hair products are needed to strengthen and temporarily rebuild your hair strands to replenish nutrients lost. Here’s a list of important ingredients to look out for in protein treatment hair products:

Hydrolyzed plant protein (wheat, keratin, soy, or silk)
Hydrolyzed oat flour
Hydrolyzed collagen
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed
-Amino acids
-Wheat protein

Pros and cons
Those with low porosity hair type should avoid protein treatments because they have a problem with absorbing moisture. Too much protein can lead to brittle and dry hair. Curly hair that has been chemically-treated or fine hair also fall into this group. Therefore, it’s important to ask your hairstylist which treatment best fits for your curls. 

Here’s a full list of proteins you may find on the ingredient label.

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed casein
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed hair keratin
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed rice protein
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed silk
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed wheat protein
Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl silk amino acids
Cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen
Cocoyl hydrolyzed keratin
Hydrolyzed keratin
Hydrolyzed oat flour
Hydrolyzed silk
Hydrolyzed silk protein
Hydrolyzed soy protein
Hydrolyzed wheat protein
Hydrolyzed wheat protein
Potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen
TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen
TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein