Curly Hair Products for Kids

Curly Hair Products for Kids

It seems everywhere we turn our favorite curly girl approved brand has a kids line, which makes us wonder is there a real difference between the two.

Let’s think about it… as adults our hair has had some level of trauma such as heat damage, sun damage, split ends and even dying our hair. When you think about children their hair is usually healthier, fuller and may have never been bleached or even had heat applied to it for that matter. So even before looking up some brands our guess would be that if in the adult line had any fragrance or essential oil that would use or less or none at all. Our other guess is that the children’s line wouldn’t have a long list of extracts and actives.

So after comparing some of our favorite brand our findings were quite interesting. In Shea Moisture detanglers in both the adults and the children’s line had almost the same ingredients, similar extracts and even the same preservative. According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), the preservative in both the children and adult line was the same rating on both products, which was a 4 or more, which is not good for small children at all.

When we looked at Cantu Beauty, the formulation had less ingredients for the children’s line, which is expected. However they picked the less expensive ingredients to use for the children’s line. This would be fine if the children’s line was a lot less expensive however in some cases the prices were actually the same.

In conclusion there are some differences in the children’s line and the adult line. Based on preference you could decide if these differences are good or bad.
But if you put the products side by side, the adult seems to be the better buy just based on quality.