Caring for Fine Curls

Caring for Your Fine Curls

Fine curly hair must be treated very differently than our fuller hair counterparts.

Let’s start with clean hair, use a clarifying shampoo which helps remove buildup. Fine hair tends to need to be washed more often than fuller hair so you have to be mindful of buildup of products weighing your hair down which would leave hair flat and last luster.

Using a water based leave in conditioners helps to coat the hair and to keep it moisturized without heavy oils and ingredients. Lightweight creams or even a leave-in spray would do the trick.

Protein treatment are great for strengthening hair especially fine hair however, in this case, too much protein is not a good thing. In our day to day hair regime there are so many proteins in our styling gels, hair sprays and creams, so it’s important to not to go overboard. You can limit your protein amount by using a protein free shampoo. It would be even better if it’s sulfate-free since sulfates can rob us of our natural oils in our hair.

For fine curly hair, monthly or even biweekly protein treatment can help to strengthen hair, using a lightweight hair mask will be your best friend.

Here are some great products for fine curls: