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Are your hair products curly hair friendly?

Healthy Curls
at your Fingertips

Having done the research for you, we accurately identify the most important ingredients for curlies using our growing ingredients list

It's now easier than ever to check hair product ingredients. On the go or at home. No need to search high and low for the ingredients list

Product Search

Search for a product by name or brand in the search field. You can even search by product type.

Ingredient Check

Type in or paste an ingredient or a full list. We’ll not only tell you if a product is Curly Hair Friendly, but we’ll break down the ingredients and explain what those ingredients actually are and how they effect your curls.

Barcode Scanning

You don’t need anything but the product in your hand. Just scan the barcode of the package and we’ll do the rest using the “scan barcode” feature .

Smart, Powerful, Quick & Easy Yep, that’s CurlCheck App!


We are super transparent with our followers. We will post updates and progress of the app as things change.

Design & Development

March, 2019

iOS Beta Testing

March, 2020

iOS Launch

June, 2020

Android Development

Sept, 2020

Our Mission

Empowering others with the knowledge to help make informed decisions when purchasing hair products. We want to enable all curlies in any phase of their journey to educate themselves on while providing the most accurate and researched ingredient information that curlies can trust while learning from the information provided. Be the one stop for product information and understanding how the products they are using affect their hair.

Knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is empowering!

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Empowering others with the knowledge to help make informed decisions when purchasing hair products.

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